Stay at home & learn more about your countermarch loom

Email class with Joanne Hall

The countermarch loom is your friend. The countermarch is actually a very simple way to tie up loom shafts, lamms, and treadles. In this class, we will dispel any thoughts of difficulty with how the countermarch works.

Tying up the Countermarch Loom

Instruction will be by email with attachments and references to pages in my two books. Along with balancing a countermarch tie-up, using the Texsolv tie-up system, and evaluating and adjusting sheds, I will help you with warping and weaving. Although some of you may simply want to listen in, learning will be more complete if you plan to warp, tie-up, and weave along with us.


As we will be discussing warping, the tie-up, and weaving, it is very helpful if everyone is weaving something similar. I am suggesting an 8-shaft, two-block, broken twill (turned twill) in linen, cotton, or cottolin. An easy project would be towels or a table runner. Colors and pattern can be your own. Some of you may want to plan a warp which is different from these projects that I am describing; please let me know your interests.

Linne table runner

Swedish 16/2 line linen. Alternately you can weave this project with 8/2 cotton or cottolin. You can vary the colors and stripe sizes.
Download the draft or view instructions and yarn colors.

Towel kits

If you would like to follow a project that is already planned, the Glimakra USA website has these three cotton and cottolin towel projects. They are Swedish Anna, Elin, and Julia.

Email me if you would like to know more details, stating what you are most interested in learning. I will send updates about the class and projects, based on the information I receive from you. The only cost to you will be warp and weft, weaving supplies you may not have on hand, and the two books. Both books are available at

Joanne Hall, Masters in Textile Design, University of Minnesota
Assistant Professor, University of Montana, and Cal Poly, CA
Teaching weaving since l971

5 thoughts on “Stay at home & learn more about your countermarch loom

  1. I recently purchased a used Glimakra countermarch loom and I am having difficulty getting the treadles tied up appropriately. I have been using a Rio Grande walking loom with only two treadles and now I have 10 and I am overwhelmed. Are you having a beginning class anytime soon on line?

  2. Would love a basic countermarch loom setup/warp/weave class. I’ve been using a 4 shaft Harrisville Jack Loom. Bought a Cranbrook countermarch loom and cant seem to get the treadles situated and tied up so that I feel comfortable warping the loom. So I’m relegated to working only on my 4 shaft at the moment. I have the Tying up the countermarch loom spiral bound book and while it has been helpful, I still cant seem to get it right. Very little out there for countermarch and I live in an area without guilds and local teachers. Any classes or suggestions are welcomed.

  3. Hi Joanne,

    I was given a 2nd hand glimakra standard countermarche loom and would value all help/suggestions. It had been found in a house that was being cleared after the owner had died but had obviously not been used for several years before that. Because of this I removed all the strings/heddles/etc and ordered (hopefully the right ones) to replace. I have warped it up and had a go by searching the internet for advice. I now know that the Reed I bought would be more suitable for a larger fibre than I used. I would value any/all help and suggestions for making the most out of this amazing loom. Thank you

  4. Hi Joann,
    I am so happy you are reaching out to the weaving world and sharing your knowledge of all things countermarch! I have recently purchased a Glimokra Ideal loom, ca 1972. It is currently set up for counterbalance, but it did include the counter- march mechanism. I am most interested to tie it up and use it. However, I only have 4 harnesses and lams. I would have to search for 4 more harnesses, lams and treadles if I want to go up to 8. I guess going to Eugene Textile center or if you have any ideas of where to look for spare parts would be appreciated. I could just set it up for the 4 harnesses as that is all I have, and join your group. You know me from a Swedish art weaves workshop you taught to the Mary Atwater Weaver’s Guild in Salt Lake a few years back. You stayed at my home, and fostered a love for the Swedish style looms and weaving in my heart. I have your countermarch book, and can buy the warping book no prob.
    Thanks again for offering the class,
    Sonya Campana

  5. Hello Joanne,
    I am a member of MMAWG. I have only just learned of your class this evening. I have had my Cranbrook 60″ for a number of years now (2009?), purchased from a weaver who was moving at the time from Ohio to teach at the Glimakra studio at Rainbow Bridge, VT … Vavstuga, I believe? I lived in Virginia at the time.
    I’m now in Salt Lake City, UT, with 2 new knees, and my loom which I set up by myself in a new house, feeling not-entirely confident as I try to get started weaving again. And get started I must! I was going to start up with a rag rug, just to feel my way, but I then need to weave 2 baby blankets in short order: due dates in April!
    I have plenty of 8/2 cotton for towels.
    I have some beautiful linen brought back from Eastern Europe by a knitting friend, but not sure its enough for warp and weft…
    Am I too late? Perhaps not the best candidate for this class? I would still need to buy your books…
    Tell me what you think.
    Thank you.
    Cindy Gray

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