Blanket weaving with Joanne Hall

Instead of being discouraged when COVID eliminated our guild’s ability to meet, I decided to offer a class by email. It would give us all a way to participate in a guild program at a time when we are staying home.

The participants only needed to be able to receive and send email with photos and attachments, be able to send messages to all the participants and have a copy of my book, Learning to Warp your Loom.

I hoped that most would follow along and weave at home. Those who could not weave could save the messages for when they had the opportunity to weave.

After hearing some requests from the group, I selected two weaving projects, one for table looms and one for floor looms. A helpful guild member offered to order any supplies they might need. I had previously designed these two projects as weaving kits that are easy to warp and weave. All the instructions were online. One was a wool blanket woven double width. Those with wide looms could weave it wide instead of double width. The other project was four towels, suitable for weaving on a table loom. They could chose the towel project in the warping book, or one of the other towels from the kits on the website.

I started by having everyone introduce themselves and if possible, send a photo. They were encouraged to send messages showing their progress. Not everyone wanted to do this, but some did, and I was able to include their experiences as part of the class.

I sent periodic messages with instructions over a period of 7 weeks. Having the information online and in the book was very helpful. I frequently added suggestions from my own experience and I tried to include information that worked for all the different looms the weavers were using.

I finished with the basic instructions just recently. Some are completing their projects. Some who had less time are still warping or weaving. One weaver is using this program as part of her schedule for home-schooling her granddaughter. I have enjoyed the communication with our guild members at a time when we cannot get together.

3 thoughts on “Blanket weaving with Joanne Hall

  1. Trying to sign up for email class(es). Didn’t find a specific link for that. Is this where I can sign up? I couldn’t tell if this was just for comments from people ALREADY taking the class .I will put my information in below. Thank You!

    1. Thank you for your question. All of Joanne’s classes are currently conducted via email. The blanket class is finished. For more information contact Joanne directly or send her a message through our Contact Us web page.

  2. Hi Joanne, I am currently taking your Countermarsh email class and I am weaving some Julia towels. My goal though is to make a blanket, 72 inches wide. Could I sign up for your blanket class? Thank you

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