For more information about weaving and fiber arts.

Daryl Lancaster blog, patterns, and YouTube videos:

Maiwa School of Textiles (website and online courses)

Marilyn Romatka Taproot Folk Arts
4 guild presentations for purchase, $200 each
Card Trick: The Magic of Tablet Weaving
Uzbek Ikat: The Personal Saga of an Exceptional Cloth
The Handicrafts of Gujarat
The Textiles of Guatemala: A Weaver’s View

The Montana Fibershed
A grassroots movement to promote the use of wool and all other fibers grown or raised in Montana and seeks to connect the supply chain from farm to fashion.

PASA: Weaving Past and Present for a Brighter Future
A grassroots movement of Bolivian weavers to preserve their textile heritage and generate income through their skills.

Tien Chiu

Weave a Real Peace (WARP)
A non-profit textile organization dedicated to supporting textile artisans in communities worldwide through artisan grants, community education, and outreach programs.

Weavers Bazaar newsletter (lots of great links)